This documentation describes the program interfaces allowing controlling IPTV-device (including playing various types of video content and the event pattern of the IPTV-device) in the web browser with JavaScript.



  • add new function gSTB.clearMemoryCaches (clear memory caches such as page, object and font cache)
  • add new property scanOptions in stbDvbInput


  • add new stbEvent.onLanStateChange hook
  • add new property bitRate to stbPlayer.videoInfo


Private API

  • stbSmb.findServers, stbSmb.findShares, stbSmb.findIp and stbNfs.findShares get config object instead of plain arguments

Public API

  • stbSmb.findServers, stbSmb.findShares and stbSmb.findIp get config object instead of plain arguments
  • gSTB.GetSmbShares and stbSmb.findShares support login and password params
  • stbNfs.findShares get config object instead of ip argument
  • stbSmb and stbNfs in all callbacks return error as object with properties message and code
  • stbEpgManager.getBrief get config object instead of uri argument
  • add new field program in stbEpgManager.onEpgInfo and stbEpgManager.getBrief
  • add new audio EAC3 codec support in gSTB.GetAudioPIDsEx and stbPlayer.audioTracks
  • add new wifi_off environment variable support and stbEvent.onWifiStateChange hook
  • complex DVBv2 rework
  • update API documentation and tutorials


  • first public release